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The top ten reasons why I play Battlegroup WW2 Rules

10. Scaleability.Battlegroup's system allows you to play with whatever troops you have within whatever time you have.
All you need is 6ft by 4ft table upon which you can play any of the four game sizes within the system Squad, Platoon, Company or Battalion level games.  The bigger the game type the longer the game, the sweet spot for us is 15mm Company size games which play out in about 6 hours either at home or at the local club.  We suggest the bigger the game the smaller the choice of figure scale to avoid having to add more table area.
9. Quality of Product.The theatre books are sheer class, a wonderful blend of  pocket history guide, hobby tips and army lists.

With distinctively clear branding, high production value in the actual physical product and unrivalled miniature photography, the books are truly excellent.

8. Its not really IGOYOUGO.I like a game that makes things difficult for the commander. 

Sure, RAW states I have my turn then you have yours. But a few games in yo…

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